The ugly face of war

Just a couple of days ago, Kevin Sites, a cameraman working for NBC filmed the shooting of an unarmed wounded man lying in a Fallujah mosque. He is running a weblog at and his discussion board is loaded with hate messages, calling him a traitor and terrorist, etc.

I wonder why people who write such messages, who probably live in a cosy home somewhere in the middle of the United States, are complaining and sending hate emails to someone, who is just doing his job. After all there is an ugly face of war, and Mr. Sites is capturing it. These people don’t want to see pictures of American soldiers killing defenceless people. They want the illusion that American soldier are the good people. But hey, wake up, there is no clean war. War will always contain killing, rape and torture.

Pervert this might sound and I hate that I have to admit it, but considering that Iraq is still a war zone, the soldier that shot the wounded men in the mosque has done nothing outstanding. Maybe he was just bored, maybe his best friend was killed the other day and he was seeking revenge. But this is what war is also about. Americans should be shown this “real face of war” with all the ugly side effects, day in and day out.

Why did this war start in the first place? Protect the freedom of the United States? What a freaking joke! What was Mr. Bush afraid of? That Sadam was building weapons of mass destruction. It doesn’t matter if Iraq had such weapons, as long as the United States has a couple of thousands nukes just waiting to be used. Oddly enough, not even a single “weapon of mass destruction” has been found in Iraq yet.

We all should be reminded when we go to a gas station to get some fuel that this is what people in Iraq are still dying for. US soldiers and all the soldiers from other countries in Iraq are there to secure economy interests of western countries and for nothing else.