Change or remove Facebook Owner of a Fanpage

This is a workaround to remove a creator from a facebook fanpage!

Facebook has acknowleged this as a bug and is trying to fix it – so you can either wait till there is a official solution or use this workaround.

Make sure you have appointed others to take over the administrator duties, as otherwhise your rely on facebook “support”

Step 1:  Remove yourself as a fan of that page

Step 2:  Deactivate your account for at least an hour

Step 3:  Activate again and you are no longer founder or administrator of that page

Credits go to this guy

Update: Since this is only a “dirty” work around which apparently does not work for all fanpages, I’ve started a Page on Facebook (how ironic) to adress this problem!

You become a Fan of the Problem (ironic again…) at

Fanpage Troubles on Facebook