Jesus of Nazareth vs Che Guevara

Last weekend, the “Motorcycle Diaries” started in our cinemas. It’s a movie about the young Che Guevara and his adventures while traveling around South America. The tagline to this movie is “Let the world change you… and you can change the world”. Did Che change the world? I would say no. Other people did, like someone who lived two thousand years ago and also travelled around a lot did. His name was Jesus and I thought it would be interesting to compare this two people.

What do these two men have in common? Well, they are icons/heroes to a lot of us. Some have the infamous “Che-face” as a T-shirt, coffee mug, or sticker, others show their admiration for Jesus by having a cross around their neck. Che was a doctor; Jesus was a carpenter and prophet. Both where executed, Jesus nailed to the cross and Che shot with a gun. Both where killed because of for what they stood up for.

A lot of people think of Che as some kind of savior, just like Jesus, but I think these two men couldn’t be any more different. Where Che used force and even killed people to reach his goals Jesus used the power of words. That’s why I think the words of Jesus will stay, and even in two thousand years, people will still think about him and what he said, whereas Che will long be forgotten.

It’s easier to reach your goals when you use force, but only in short terms. Che (and Castro) maybe freed Cuba from a corrupt regime, but if you look at Cuba today, it could not be any further from freedom.

Jesus changed much more, just by using words.

4 thoughts on “Jesus of Nazareth vs Che Guevara”

  1. Do you know who was Che Guevara?? Read and open your mind.
    USA is the more shit in the world!

  2. Well, this blog entry wasn’t about Che and the influence of the USA in South America or the rest of the world. This entry was about comparing Jesus and Che, and that is something completly different. The only thing I was pointing out is that Jesus used nothing but words, while Che and his fellows did kill a lot of people to reach his goals. Please read my entry again!

  3. i came across your passage, whilst browsing the net. im seventeen, and just read alberto’s motorcycle diary. it seems relatively unbalanced how you could compare che with jesus. My first point is thatwe dont actually know everything about jesus, if he really existed, and if he did the things he di, whereas we saw what che did. Che guevara did change the world, as well as many of people’s views and feelings. Also, you mention che using a gun, which you would have to do in the society where he performed his revolutions, and im sure if jesus did exist in this time, he would of considered the same way, sacrifices have to be made at times, and im Che was forgiven for the people he killed. The two are different, and Che has changed the world, allowing people to stand up and speak out to what they feel is injust. thanks .

  4. Dude if christ lived this age, he would hav been a different che. u think thoses asses around the worl will stop those wars if you distribute more bibles? world hasnt changed, we still have those greedy ones, war for oil, and he still go to church before he declair a war. phew??

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