Blogging about twitter…

Today, Ashton Kutcher reached a million twitter followers, beating CNN. Its funny, how this phenomena is growing an*d growing. By the way – that * I used a few words ago marks the actual length of a “tweet. That’s where the fun ends, or as others think – that’s what makes it so funny and interesting. I work in an IT company, and it amazing to see so many clueless people, trying to figure out how to use Twitter to advertise their product and get in touch with their clients. Its the next “big thing”, already compared to Google (although that’s a search engine) and no one wants to miss out on it. For me its like a Déjà vu when Second Life had its peak. By the time everyone kind of understood what it was about, it was already over. Right now, a lot of my friends use it to inform me when they are eating at a new restaurant, or sharing news tidbits (that I already knew; most of the time…).

True story: A couple of hours ago, I was sitting in a cinema, about to watch Slumdog Millionair, when the room filled with smoke and we had to flee the cinema. Fortunately the fire fighters arrived in time and no one was harmed, we could watch the film on a different screen just about 45 minutes later. Just to share that little description about the incident takes more then just one tweet.

Maybe with more and more people joining twitter, it will get tiring , talking about “unimportant” things in life.

But I can’t escape the trend, just like I could not escape Second life (at least for two weeks…) If you want to follow me on twitter you’ll find me at – but I guess I will always be the kind of guy to write a little bit more then 140 letters….