Morning walk with Zebo, Beach time in St. Lucia

One of the activities offered at the hostel was a two hour morning walk with “Zebo”, a guy from the Transkei. But only for those who survived the drinking competition from the pervious night. It was a nice walk but we didn’t get to see lots of animals except the very common antelopes and a few zebras from the distance. Not to forget about the skeleton of a hippo. Afternoon was beach time, including the usual beach-games, some swimming and plenty of exhausting tanning in the sun.

St. Lucia was a save heaven in terms of getting mugged at night but instead you could easily loose your head if you would get into the way of a hippo. Hippos might look nice, but you better run when you feel that they don’t like you. Not to mention that 90 % of the crocodile population of South Africa live in and around St. Lucia. So going for a swim in the river behind the hostel also might not be a very refreshing idea.