Cape Peninsula

The day started at 9 am in the morning, when we took the train to Simons Town. At the train station in Simons Town a Rikki driver approached us to take a ride to Boulders Beach and Cape of good Hope with him. 70 Rand for each didn’t seem to expensive for a 4 hour ride, and we hoped into his bus. First he took us to Cape-Point, a lighthouse and restaurant, with an breathtaking view to Cape of Good Hope. Next was Cape of Good Hope, the most south western point of Africa. The cape peninsula is kind of a ship cemetery and more then 800 ships lost their ability to “swim” in this area. Quit impressive…

After the most south-western point of Africa, we headed back to Boulders Beach, the infamous Penguin colony. A short break was caused by family of about 20 baboons, which where fighting and screaming around on the street. The penguins occupied Boulders Beach about 20 years ago, and became a major tourist attraction in the resent years. There are hundreds of them, and the only thing they seem to do is to breed their eggs, protect their childreen and shit around. Honestly, the smell caused by penguin-crap was almost unbearable.
We finished our stay in Simons Town with a nice dinner in a fishrestaurant on the main street before we went back to Cape Town.