Table Mountain, Cape Town

Since I did not want to spend another 200 Rand for my second night I switched over to the Aardvark hostel at Sea-Point by taxi (50 Rand for the ride) . This hostel offerer much more for less money (75 Rand per night). Swimming pool, bar, restaurant, TV-Room, etc. just to name a few. It was a very hot and sunny day without wind, unusual for this time of the year so I decided to take the opportunity and explore the infamous Table Mountain. The weather-condition can change very quickly in Cape Town, and sometimes you can’t climb Table-Mountain for a couple of days. The desk-clerk called a Rikki, (minibuses which offer cheaper fares then taxis) for me, which took me to the ground station of the cableway. My initial plan was to take the cableway up and down since it is not recommended to climb the mountain on your own, but I met a German guy on the Rikki who wanted to hike up Table mountain and we decided to team up.

The hike was a really good decision, since I got to see lots of different animals and plants and to enjoy Cape Town from above. But as I said before, it was a hot and sunny day and this made the hiking-trip very exhausting. Occasionally, people die when they try to hike up Table mountain. The view on top of Table mountain was breathtaking. For me, the walk up was enough and there was no chance I would walk down the mountain again, so I took the cable way back and called a Rikki to get back to my hostel. Rikkis usually pick up people on their way, which explains the cheap fairs, so it can take a while till you get to your supposed destination and sometimes you are lucky as me and a gorgeous model from New York joins you. I found it quiet amusing that a model in expensive clothing was sitting in the dirty little bus with me. She had to go to Camps Bay, the very hip, trendy and extremely expensive beach/district of Cape Town where all the rich and beautiful people stay. Unfortunately I had to stay in Sea-Point, budget wise, which happens to be the “gay district” of Cape Town… I also did not know was that in South Africa Cape Town is widely know as HQ, which stands for headquarters of the gay community. But that’s nothing to worry about.

In the evening I met a guy from England. He was on a world around trip for seven weeks. The most amazing thing about him was that he had all his accommodation (SEVEN weeks) booked in advance. I was only on a three week holiday and did not even made a booking for the first night (a reservation, but even that one changed). After a few drinks with girls from Ireland in hostel-owned Aardvark-Bar we decided to explore the Cape Peninsula the next day together.