Chocolate and the old grumpy lady

I was just told a very funny story from a friend of my cousin. The event takes place a couple of years ago, when this friend was a little girl.

She was asked to help the neighbour, an old grumpy woman. She had to mow the lawn. After a full day of work, she was called inside the house, and the old woman told her that she would receive something for the assistance. The old lady then opened a box of chocolate, where one piece was left. The old lady ate the choclate and said: “This beautiful box is for you, you can keep it.”

Of course the little girl was very angry.

If you ever mow the garden of an grumpy old woman, negotiate about the payment before you start working!

A little prank…

I and my workmates are planning a little prank on a fellow colleague of us. He is on vacation right now and received a package yesterday. Today we scanned the address field and modified it, so it now looks like he received a huge package from an online sexshop. On the day he returns we will put the package to the incoming post at the main entrance of the building and tell him to pick it up. LoL – I’ll keep you updated on how the prank turned out!

I’m a murderer!

Today I killed an innocent being. Not human, not a demon, apparently a little mouse. I went to my brother’s house, to help him with some computer problems, when I saw a little mouse, trying to enter our house through the cellar. The mouse ran away, and I wasn’t able to catch her. When I returned, I slipped into my shoes, walked up the stairs, when I realized that there was something in my right shoe. I was scared, and kicked the shoe away. When I picked the shoe up again and looked into it, I saw the little mouse, she was DEAD. I still wonder what killed her, if it was the smell of the shoes, the fact that I slipped into them, or the fact that I kicked the shoe away.

If I would have caught her before, she would still be alive, as I would have taken her to a nearby woods or something.

Monday evening

What a wonderfull Monday evening, the sun is shining and I can finaly lay back and relax. I will watch the last episode of Alias, third season today and might work on my homepage again. The Exorcist “The Beginning” did well at the Boxoffice, despite the harsh words from Critics. I’m looking forward to see both versions, the one that was directed by Paul Shrader and rejected by the studio execs and the final “cinema” version, helmed by Reny Harlin.