Listen to the Radio…

One of my favorite songs right now is Robbie Williams “Radio”. It contains the line “Listen to the Radio”. Well, that’s what some of the friends of my brother did last Saturday. But what they heard had some very serious consequences. News had it that on Saturday a thirty year old man from my village had an accident with a small bus and that there where several people badly wounded.

My brother is actually around 30 years old and on Saturday it was his job to take me and some other people to Vienna with a small bus. After the friends of my brother heard the news they called my father about what was going on. He didn’t knew anything about an accident and tried to reach my brother, who wouldn’t pick up the phone.

My dad decided to ask my uncle, who had been in contact with us, if he’d knew anything. When my father left the house, police was outside and he was in complete shock. He asked the policemen if they had came because of the accident. But the police was just doing and casual traffic control. So he went to my uncle and found out that we had arrived in Vienna safely.

The police contacted hospitals in Vienna to find my brother, but they weren’t successful. My parents had a very horrible day and a sleepless night without knowing what had happened to my brother and it wasn’t until 9 am the next day that my parents could reach him. He had just switched of his cell phone and went to a partie with some friends… What a coincident that my brother forgot his cell phone at home in the first place and we had to make a U-Turn to pick it up.! It also turned out that the accident did not take place in Vienna at all, but in a complete different part of Austria.

So there you have it, someone starts a rumor without knowing the details and everything goes downhill. I’m happy that nothing happened to my brother.

My so called "Fast-Food life"

Last weekend I had a superb Subway sandwich in Munich. You might say that that is nothing special, and that you have one every week, or even every day. But that Subway-Sandwich was my third, in the last four years!

I live in a very small and remote village, somewhere in Austria. I think I had my first burger when I was around 14 years old. Back then I would go to MC Donald’s every now and then, a rare occasion, since the next Mc-Donald’s – at that time the only chain I knew, was an hour to drive away. That did not bother me at all since the only thing I liked at Mc Donald’s was the French fries.

Living in Costa Rica

Today I looked out of the window of my office, I saw the old houses, which probably are from the 50ties and 60ties. Everything was covered in fog, and I could hear the noise of the traffic, outside. And suddenly I felt like I was in Costa Rica again. Except the heat and the different smell. Not in the suburb of an Austrian town named Linz, famous for its cake and haunted because of its Nazi history. Then I thought of all the cities I have been so far, even Bangkok came to my mind and they all share similarities Linz to a certain extent. Just ordinary houses, the sound of traffic, some trees here and there. Maybe everything is the same, we never leave a place and we never arrive somewhere?