Ipad vs Me

It’s hard to escape the Apple mass hysteria these days. Coworkers without an Iphone are a minority in my department. So far I have resisted purchasing one myself and much to the surprise of Iphone owners, I can survive with my 3 year old Nokia and a 4 Euro phone bill. But now there is the next super-gadget conquering everyone’s attentions, the so called “Ipad”, ready to take over the world and change everything! Feed the hungry, stop oil from spilling into the ocean and even help the nerdiest of the nerds get laid. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a little here, but only a handful of technical devices have caused such huge media frenzy then the products launched by Apple mastermind Steve Jobs.

With more and more people “consuming” information online we tend to not focus and take time to actually read articles properly and digest the provided information. The biggest difference between reading an article on paper or on an digital device such as the Ipad is the opportunities of distractions an electronic gadget provides. So for now I will stick with the good old newspaper, I can read it even during takeoff, they don’t offer any gimmicks that would distract me, they never run out of battery and in case of an emergency, I can use a newspaper to actually make fire and keep me warm :-). Stapling a bunch of Ipads and setting them on fire would not only be much harder, but also be slightly more expensive… :-)!