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Wine tour to Stellenbosch

I love wine, and Stellenbosch is an infamous wine region, so there was no way I was going to miss the opportunity to taste some South African wine. “Groovy Grape Tours” seemed to be the right operator, with such recommendations as “we sang our way back to the hostel” it was deemed to be funny. I ended up tasting around 20 different wine and even had some Champagnes, oop’s – I mean Kaapse Vonkel, the South African version of Champaign. By the way, I did not sang my way back to the hostel, but I was indeed very pissed.
Stellenbosch is also home of some great Universities and has a six female to one male student rate. Perfect conditions if you are male, single, and looking for an gorgeous time, of course, that is, only if you are not too drunk.…