Flight back to Cape Town

Alltogether it took me about 29 hours on the bus to get from Cape Town to Durban, not including the trip to St. Lucia. To get back to Cape Town by plane only took me 4 hours, with a short stop-over in Port Elisabeth. For my last days in Cape Town and South Africa I had chosen the “Ashanti Lodge”, which advertises itself as the best hostel in Africa. I did not see all the other hostels, but I have to admit that this one was quite good. It is probably also the only hostel in South Africa where you have to enter a pin-code at the main entrance to get inside. The “no drugs on this premises” was nothing more then a joke. When I first walked into the TV-room I saw a guy who was rockin’ the ganj, and that’s about all I would see him doing for the rest of my stay. He never left the room, slept on the floor, even when I walked into the room at 7 am in the morning he would already be lying on the couch and “puff the magic dragon”. That’s what I call a flying vacation.