Good morning sex and a flight to Bejing via Abu Dhabi | Backpacking around the World

Good morning sex and a flight to Bejing via Abu Dhabi

The day started early, as I had to catch a train from Passau to Munich Airport at 7:25 am for my 12:20 flight via Abu Dabi to Bejing. What a loooong day of travelling! After a tiny breakfast and the traditional blessing by my mother I and my brother drove to Passau. Just as we crossed the border to Bavaria, a cow jumped on another cow and tried to make sweet love to her. Never saw lesbian cows having Good Morning Sex, but it sure put a big grin on my face and made me realize, if this is how the day starts, well, what else lies ahead of me?

Munich is usually a very boring Airport, but after I had checked in my luggage (18 kilograms… holy cow!!!) I headed for the area between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, and to my surprise there was a surf tournament going on! They had a huge pool and a wave mashine and people where sitting around watching the surfers. I decided to go for a final bavarian breakfast with “weisswuerste, brezen and beer before heading to my gate. The times on the plane went by quickly and since I only had about an hour in Abu Dhabi I was able to continue my journey without much hassle. Upon my arrival in Bejing I was picked up by a driver and taken to a hotel. Unfortunatley not my hotel, so I had to go on the underground and go to the bejing railway station. But even that was no big trouble. After I checked in a I did a little walking around the area and ended up at a nearby Shopping mall. I slept pretty much the rest of the afternoon, until I met my fellow travellers and mosho, our tourguide from bejing to Ulaan Batoor. He is Mongolian and will start studying Economy and Law in Vienna this fall… What a suprise. After the introduction the whole group walked to a chinese restaurant where I had my first taste of “real” chinese food. Various dishes with chicken, shrimp, peanuts, beans and last but not least bejing duck. Not bad at all I have to admit!