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Pinar del Rio to Las Terrassas

Las Terrazas , a small village in the Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve was our last “new discovery” before returning to Havana. After we checked into the Hotel Mokka – a fancy 4 star hotel (we decided to treat ourselves a little bit on the last days) we went to the “Banjos”, natural sweet water pools, about 45 minutes to walk from the center of the village. Unfortunately it was very crowded and the locals obviously had never heard of the concept of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Rubbish (beer cans, rum bottles etc.) was all over the place and floating around in the river. A real pity to see such a wonderful place being treated like a giant dumpster. But a little further down the river, away from the crowds, the pools offered a fresh relief after the long walk in the hot and humid weather.

At night we ate at the El Romero eco-restaurant, one of the best meals we had in Cuba during our entire trip.