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Maria la Gorda

Maria la Gorda is about 306 kilometers south west of Havana. The name refers to a Venezuelan beauty who was marooned here by pirates. Unfortunately, at the time we got there, no single Venezuelan beauty (or single girls from other nations) where there at all. Especially our first night would have been perfect for a big party with some single (preferable Scandinavian) girls as we had a large lodge with three big bed’s and a spacious bathroom.

The resort turned out perfect to relax for a couple of days, go for long walks, do some snorkeling or– in the case of Severin – join a tour to explore the underwater world off the coast. The underwater flora and fauna was (according to Severin) really impressive, but unfortunately the quality of the diving equipment wasn’t.

The property was fenced of left and right, but we managed bypass the barbwire and set up a bonfire for a little beach party with a Norwegian couple on our last night in this peaceful paradise.