Raglan to Rotorua

One thing you should get used to when traveling on a time schedule is that staying in bed till noon is just not possible… We left Raglan at 8am and headed south to the town of Waitomo, famous for it’s caves and glow worms. We did a walk at the Ruakuri Reserve while the others went Black water rafting.  Waitomo would be a excellent place to spend some money for abseiling into the Lost Cave for about 200 bucks and other adventurous stuff, but New Zealand is full of crazy activities…

We then headed across to Rotorua for its geothermal areas, smell and ‘Slim’s Cultural Place’.  The cultural show was a real blast. First we had a hangi, a traditional Mauri feast, after that the guys learned how to dance the Haka, a warrior dance (I hope that video-footage of me never shows up online!) before we watched a play by a local Maori theater troupe.

The play was about a Maori leader married to two woman. Yet he was not satisfied and wanted to add another squaw. The real fun part was that, while one woman was played by a member of the acting group, two woman where chosen out of the audience. Unbeknown to the actors, one of the girls was an actor herself and was in her role within the minute. The other girl wasn’t one of the shy kind either and the chief found himself in the unusual position of three independent woman fighting for him. It was hilarious to watch! After the show me and my fellow stray mates attended a Karaoke contest next to the hostel and some backpackers even showed of their singing abilities – of course with the help of some booze.