Bay of Islands, Paihia

Well, my first real “Stray” day, with Nancy as a driver and a bunch of strangers. My first activity for the day was to take a close look at a Kauri forest and a short stop at the Goat Island. My first waterfall in New Zealand was the Whangarei Falls. The most interesting sight for the day was actually a toilet! A fellow Austrian, called Frederic Hundertwasser found a little place called Kawakawa in New Zealand, and because he like that little town so much, he decided to build a colorful and artistic toilet for them. What a nice way to say “Thank you”

Nancy, who also had Mouri blood in her, told us a few things about Maori culture and gave us a nice introduction into New Zealand history and behavior.

Kiwi’s have a lot of things to be proud of, but the one thing they always recommend to you, the one thing that they keep babbling about the whole day, is actually something they better keep a secret. Sorry but I feel the obligation to warn fellow travelers that, if someone in New Zealand informs you about a delicious BBQ opportunity, smile and just decline the offer, they just can’t get it right. Even at a place called Pipi Pitch, the place where I slept during my stay in Paihia.