Back in San Jose

It was the last day for Craig, he was going back home to Florida, while I still had a few more days and decided to spend them at the beach in Manuel Antonio, a little costal town next to a marine national park about four hours by bus from San Jose.

Kathryn was also heading for Manual Antonio and we shared a cap to get to the bus-Station. The place was cramped with people waiting for their busses and doing business and it reminded me of Thailand.

Upon our arrival in Manuel Antonio it was very easy to find accommodation just by walking around and I enjoyed a wonderful sunset at the beach before I joined Katharine and a family from San Francisco for a night out in the bar. The family from San Francisco was fascination for me, the father was gay, the daughter a lesbian, traveling with her girlfriend and the son, well, let’s put it that way: I did not see much of Kathryn during the rest of my stay in Manuel Antonio.