The Rainforest of Monteverde

The best time to explore the Rainforest is in the morning, before the crowds start moving in, and we were lucky to be the first people at Selvatura. The rainforest was much more interesting then at the Skytrek area and the vegetation was even richer and more colorful. The mist and the clouds where creating an amazing and mystical atmosphere. Attached to the Selvatura complex is Central America´s largest butterfly garden, a giant dome, which hosts a magnificent collection of butterflies from over 50 different species found throughout the tropics. I had my own privat tour around the butterfly garden as Craig was taking more time to explore the walkway.

In the afternoon it was time for the cannyoning, which literally means “walking down waterfalls”. I wasn’t experienced in that kind of sport at all, but it was great fun from the very first minute. In the beginning I thought it would be scary to walk down a 35 meter high waterfall, attached to nothing more then a rope, but in the end I couldn’t get enough of it. I almost lost my glasses when I slipped on one of the waterfalls and got under the water stream, but my travel-mate Craig did an excellent job in finding them again. At the last waterfall, which is called the “Dragon Mouth, I slipped again, this time I bumped a rock, which was a very painful experience.

After the return to our Inn and a nice dinner Craig and I visited Selvatura again. It was already getting dark and started raining when we entered the walkway. We where the only people on the track and it was a very special experience. I couldn’t see much of the rainforest, sometimes I had no clue of where I was going or if I’m even on the track. The sound of raindrops, birds, monkeys, and all different kinds of animals was something I didn’t experience during the day and altogether created a completely different atmosphere then during the day.