Austria to Costa Rica via Miami

One of my major “life-goals” was to visit six continents before I turn 25 , which in my case meant 13th of December 2003. Till 2002 I had traveled four continents, so there where still two left. I visited South Africa in May/June 2003, but I wasn’t sure if I would make it to South America the same year, but things worked out for me, and after heavy searching on the Internet, my original task was Brazil or Chile, I got a very cheap flight to Costa Rica only a week prior to my targeted departure. So I once again packed my backpack and left good old Europe, with a stop-over in Madrid and Miami. Fortunately my flight from Miami to San Jose was cancelled and I got a free night at a Crown Plaza in Miami, which was much better then arriving in San Jose at 2 am in the morning, without pre-arranged accommodation. I’m getting more and more un-organized.