Robberg, Plettenberg Bay

I spend most of the day hiking around the “Robberg, a peninsula about 15 minutes away from the main city. There are three hiking trails to explore the Robberg, a 20 minute walk, a two hour walk and a five hour walk. It wasn’t the best weather and the cliffs get slippery during rain so I went for the 2 hour walk. The cliff and the vegetation was very interesting, and sometimes the trees and bushes would grew high enough to create a natural roof that would keep away the train.

Side-Note: Robberg is about to become a world natural heritage. If you are on Robbberg and look at Plettenberg Bay, you realise that, like in every other bay, a big chunk is missing. Well, the big chunk that is missing and makes Plettenberg a “bay” is actually the Falkland Islands close to South-America. The rocks that you find on Robberg are exactly the same rocks you will find on the Falkland islands and that is one of the major proofs that there once was one big continent called Gondwana or Pangea.

The day ended with an typical South African Barbecue, organised by the owners of the hostel. Plenty of steaks and “Borkworst”, some kind of sausages, accompanied by my favourite drink, a cider called “Savana”.