Arriving in Bangkok

I just arrived at the Bangkok International Youth hostel. Wow – this is going to be my first report to all of you – so what can I tell you?

I spent my last evening in Austria in Vienna, together with my Cousin. We went to a “Biergarten” named Fischer Braeu. For me the last chance to eat a original “Wiener Schnitzel” and a cold beer (or two…)
My last night in Austria was quit strange, four different dreams and every time I missed that dam plane! Thank god those dreams didn’t come true, I went to the airport early, got my tickets and had my first take-off to Zurich. I left Zurich at 3:00 p.m. and went straight to Bangkok.

The flight was quiet comfortable, I was sitting next to two young Swiss girls so time passed by pretty fast. A very funny short-story: Whenever I asked the stewardess for a “Coke” she smiled at me, and handed me an “Orange Juice”. But beside that little misunderstanding, it was a very enjoyable flight.

Arriving in Bangkok, after 11 hours on the plane went along with an unfortunate surprise. My luggage didn’t make it to Bangkok, it decided to stay in Zurich. Fortunately it will arrive later today. I’m a very optimistic person and I look at this in a very positive way: I didn’t have to carry “the BIG bag” trough the whole city. He He. Well, on my way to the hostel I already met a local – Rudi – I’m going to meet him again in the afternoon to talk about Austria (right – I’m a very trusting person).

5th of July, My first day in Bangkok
I spent my first afternoon waiting at the hostel for my luggage, talking to other travellers. At 3:00 pm I met Rudi again who invited me to his home. We talked about this and that, but mostly about Austria and his work. He is a “croupier” at a cruise ship, and married to an Malaysian woman. I was also invited to eat at their house, but after more then 28 hours without sleep my stomach just said NO.  I spent about three hours at Rudji’s house before I went back to the hostel.

I was still without my luggage, so I had to wait until 9:00 pm. Not being tired at all at this time, I decided to join a few other backpackers (two guys and three girls) to go to Patpong, which is one of the most famous “sex-districts” of Bangkok. We went there by Tuk Tuk (70 Bhat) which took us about half an hour. For me, Thailand and Bangkok was always known as a place for sex-tourists, walking around at Patpong, I found out that it’s not soo bad at all. You get invited to see sex shows quite frequently, but if you say “No thanks”, they leave you alone.

After about 1,5 hour we decided to go back to the hostel by taxi (120 Bhat). So, after about 36 hours without sleep, I went to bed for the very first time in Bangkok.

6th of July, Train Station Bangkok
A very relaxing day, we first went to the train station to get a train-ticket for Surat Thani, and then we took the Bus Nr. 29 to go – well where ever it would take us… It took as through the whole city. To explore Bangkok by bus is really recommendable, it’s only 3.5 Baht a ride, and you can see the whole city.

7th of July
We went to the “Grand Palace”, a very impressive place, but since I’m coming back to Bangkok later this month, I did not spend much time there.