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  1. hi there!!i really like your blog, your stories and pics are really interesting. i am writing you cause me and my friends wanna go in the beginning of July to kuala lumpur and then to krabi islands. I know, that this time of the year is a wet season over there(krabi islands), so i am not sure if it is good choice.I’ve also read that in July the rains are not so bad and everything is cheaper. Could you give me some advice, I know, you have been around in July too. Is there any other place nearby with pleasant weather we can go instead? cheeers

  2. Response to Dominika!

    I travelled Thailand from July till Oktober (with a 6 weeks break from August till September to go to Australia).

    I was on Ko Phi Phi, Ko Pha Ngan, Ko Samui, Trang and Ko Tao in July – August and the weather was usualy fine on the islands, some rain on Ko Samui but nothing of great disturbance (maybe rain once a day, then sunshine again, but there where big thunderstorms in Trang.

    Try to be flexible when choosing your destination in Thailand, if possible: make your decision on where to go based on the current weather situation once you get there.

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