Back in Auckland, Rangitoto Island

23rd of October: Flight from Christchurch to Auckland

It took me more then three week s to get from Auckland to Christchurch by bus, but its just a 2,5 hour flight to get back. Fortunately it was a very sunny day and I got to see some of the parts that I could not visit due to my limited time – like KAIKOURA’ and its famous whales. Maybe the next time when I visit New Zealand… After checking into the hostel in Auckland I paid the Zoo a little visit and finally got to see some of the infamous Kiwi birds – behind a thick window but at least alive.

24th of October:
My final “full” day in New Zealand, back in Auckland where it all begin more then four weeks ago. I decided to take a boat to Rangitoto Island and walk around the world’s largest Pohutukawa forest,

Rangitoto emerged from the sea around 600 years ago in a series of fiery volcanic explosions. It is the most recent and the largest of the approximately 48 volcanoes of the Auckland volcanic field. I even brought a flash lamp and walked through the lave tunnel… Not so long ago the island was a wasteland and full of animals not native to New Zealand, but after they removed all the “forreigners” the island was reclaimed by native Flora and Fauna.

Good bye New Zealand, I hope to see you again some day! Keep up the good spirit, and try to work on the national cuisine!