Something’s rotten in the state of… – whom?

With the recent election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a hard-line conservative, as the new leader of the Iran, president George Bush once again made clear that attacking Iran is indeed an option, if the government of Iran is not willing to do what the US government wants them to do.

Is the Iran an aggressor that wants to use nuclear weapons against western nations? Will Mahmoud Ahmadinejad start to produce thousands of deadly (intelligent) bombs, load them onto stealth-bombers, fly to our soils and wipe us out? Will Iranian troops march to Europe and the United states, overthrow our governments and force their culture upon us and gain access to our recourses? Make us eat their food, dress like them and watch their TV-shows?

Or is it that the people of Iran are actually not a threat, but feel threatened? Maybe there are people in Iran who fear that some day, someone is coming to occupy their country and to get access on their most valuable resources. Oddly, if the Iranian government wouldn’t say otherwise, I would actually understand why the Iranian government wants to get their hands on a powerful weapon – for protection…

Maybe the Iran is not as dangerous as the media reports tell me day in and day out. I don’t know much about the lives of people in Iran, if they are actually doing good or bad, but I hope they are able to stand up for themselves if they want a change in their country and their system.

Well, what more can I say… with another old arch enemy (Iraq) almost gone, the US military industry maybe is just in need for a new enemy to fight against and keep the war factories working and the money from Americas honest tax-payers going into the “right” channels… Maybe… but these are just my thoughts.