Let us pray…

I found this on the web a couple of days ago

…The Christian soldier has someone he takes with him besides his fellow soldier – Jesus. In time of need, we are taught to turn to Jesus, to let Him lead, guide, and direct our path….

Wait a second – “fellow soldier” – Jesus (?!). I never heard anything about Jesus being a soldier and going to war. Reading blogs of people from the USA some might get the impression that they are very religious people. Very often, they ask for prayers, sent to “their boys” in Iraq. Even George W. Bush prays, of course in front of the camera so that everyone can see him… Sorry, but I call this hypocritically. To go to war is the complete opposite of what Jesus tried to tell us. Read the bible again!

I would understand people who ask Jesus that the war is over, that no on is killed, not even those who are called enemies. That no more bombs are dropped and everyone can just go home. Thats the message Jesus left for us.